Michael is a highly-motivated sales and marketing professional with a decade of experience in customer relationship management, interested in exploring sales and marketing opportunities. He has focused on design, operations, leadership development, sales management, and has driven results at a Fortune 500 retailer and as an entrepreneur. He utilizes his experience as well as education in marketing and design to give him the ability to communicate and create positive team environments that get results.

Art is a way to improve the world and make a difference. To Michael, we can achieve this through art by offering freedom of expression and equality. He loves to use his passion to make a difference in the world. He inspires his audiences to challenge the way they view everyday life by showing them their world in a different light and opening them up to a new perspective.

ā€œIā€™m "an" artist who studies the interaction between the user and a creative concept. My goal as an artist is to establish new identities through the interface of design and technology.ā€

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